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Baby Cheramy’s Latest Herbal Soap Range Brings Soothing Goodness to Your Baby’s Skin

With dual-goodness combinations of Pokuru Wada and Sandun, Kohomba and Venivel, Pichcha and Vadakaha

From the moment a baby is conceived, parents wish to provide the best of everything for their precious bundle of joy to ensure utmost safety and comfort. As such, due prominence is always placed on quality and safety aspects when choosing baby care products to ensure that the baby gets nothing but the best.

Baby Cheramy, a truly Sri Lankan baby care brand, has always strived to provide products of high quality and safety standards which are suitable for the delicate skin of a baby. Trusted and embraced by generations of Sri Lankan parents for nearly 6 decades, Baby Cheramy has proven to be one of the most preferred baby care brands in the market.

As a brand that attempts to always stay connected and close to its consumers’ pulse, in better catering to evolving consumer needs, Baby Cheramy has introduced an all new Herbal Soap range with natural extracts to bring nature’s goodness to nourish and care for your baby’s delicate skin. In the quest for the safest and the best quality products used for their babies, the parents increasingly look for more natural goodness and ingredients in the products they buy.

The use of natural herbs and ingredients has been part and parcel of the baby bathing ritual for generations; Pokuru Wada, Pichcha and Venivel are some of the key natural herbs mixed into the bathing water with the intention of infusing its natural healing goodness for baby’s skin and well-being.  However, with the current fast paced life styles, the time starved modern-day parents are unable to prepare such bathing experiences for their babies and also have limited access to such natural ingredients.  

Baby Cheramy’s new herbal soap range is manufactured using 100% locally sourced natural extracts. Baby Cheramy herbal soap range is also dermatologically tested to be suited to a baby’s mild skin and the fragrances used in Baby Cheramy soaps are compliant with IFRA standards. The Baby Cheramy Herbal soap range does not contain petroleum oil which can be harmful for the baby’s skin.

The Pokuru Wada and Sandun herbal soap variant comes with the dual soothing goodness of these natural extracts to gently cleanse the baby’s mild skin and lock in moisture, helping to keep the skin soft. The Kohomba and Venivel variant protects the baby’s skin from germs, leaving it soft and moisturized. The Pichcha and Wadakaha variant comes with cleansing, moisturizing and caring properties while protecting baby’s skin from germs. The herbal soap range also comes with soothing fragrances inspired by nature’s best herbal care.

Baby Cheramy is a leading baby care brand in Sri Lanka winning the hearts and trust of parents for generations, for nearly 6 decades. Baby Cheramy offers a complete product range manufactured to the highest quality and safety standards, catering to all baby care requirements. Its wide range of products include Baby Soap, Baby Cologne, Cream and Lotion, Laundry Wash Powder and Liquid, Bottle Wash, Cotton Buds, Diapers, Wet Wipes, Nappy Rash Cream and many more – all of which ensure utmost protection and nourishment for our babies’ skin.

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