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V21 SERIES – HITTING ALL THE RIGHT NOTES! Buy it for a great Night Selfie experience

vivo recently launched its night selfie centric V21 series as part of its premium and high-end V-series portfolio that is widely known for redefining selfies. V21 series comes with two impressive smartphones meant to cater to a diverse group of people and their needs.  V21 5G is a sophisticated device for users who are fond of trendy appearances and features that satisfy their need to stay in sync with the times. Whereas V21e is youthful, vibrant, and dynamic in nature.

vivo is contributing immensely to the evolution of mobile technology. vivo’s V21 5G tackles the pain points of night photography with extreme precision and with the assistance of an inbuilt AI-based technology. The smartphone is equipped with Optical Image Stabilization in both cameras – making it one among the very few devices in the market with an OIS system installed in its front camera. The OIS is a hardware solution that eliminates the possibility of blurry and unclear pictures. After the gyroscope detects motion, the Micro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS) controls the offset of the camera lens to stabilize the frame while compensating shaky and unsteady hand movement. This 44MP OIS Night Selfie System in vivo V21 5G makes the device a fantastic choice for your photography requirements.

vivo V21 5G’s 44MP OIS Night Selfie System is strategically designed to add sharpness and clarity in pictures together with the Selfie Spotlight, and the AI Night Portrait. The 44MP OIS Super Night Selfie feature reduces background noise by allowing sufficient light to enter the camera for better selfies in a dark environment. vivo’s Selfie Spotlight is a masterstroke because the smartphone has two OLED flashlights on the front panel that illuminates the frame at night-time for brighter pictures.

V21 5G users will experience the best of night selfies because of its feature-rich camera technology.  The AI Night Portrait improves night photography by using a multi-frame noise reduction algorithm.  Supported by the AI Night Algorithm that intelligently fixes details of portrait mode at night through AI brightening and AI noise reduction. Moreover, V21 5G comes with several fun features including Dual-View Video that records videos from both sides of the smartphone, Child Face Beauty feature that uses the child recognition algorithm and the Personal Facial Feature empowers users to proudly display their unique skin characteristics. The Head Slimming feature optimizes the background and intelligently adjusts the head-to-body ratio of the person. The spectacular detailing of V21 5G’s front camera system makes the device a leading runner.

V21e is the latest addition to the family of V Series. The smartphone comes with a 44MP Eye Autofocus camera, a unique front camera feature that enables photographers to take clear, and bright pictures. One might lose crucial seconds in the process of adjusting the camera settings and miss out on the photo-worthy moment entirely. vivo V21e’s 44MP Eye Autofocus displays its fine work using AF which automatically adjusts the focus distance with the human eye focusing algorithm that can capture images in real-time. The technology maintains its speed and focus even while users are in motion.

While the front camera system has been well received by the media, the V21 series manages to impress experts with its design and performance. vivo has truly surpassed all its expectations for the V series with handy, flexible, powerful smartphones. The V21 series is here to stay for a long time because of its knock-out-of-the-park, terrific features wrapped neatly in a good-looking framework.




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