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Uswatte Confectionery launches Asia’s first ever multi-grain nutritional cracker blended with 9 grains – ‘Manna’

Uswatte Confectionery Works (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka’s oldest confectionery manufacturer with over 65 years of offering high quality confectionary delicacies and snacks, recently launched Asia’s first ever multi-grain nutritional cracker blended with the goodness of 9 grains.
This revolutionary cracker is manufactured with a combination of healthy and nutritious ingredients that provide a powerful dose of tasty wholesome nutrition. Loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins minerals, prebiotics and other essential nutrition, the Manna cracker is an ideal alternative for a breakfast diet and is far healthier than regular biscuits and crackers. Best of all, it offers a host of health benefits while also being a tasty alternative to other crackers in the market.
The Manna cracker claims the distinction of being the only cracker in Sri Lanka with the highest percentage of fiber content with 11.6%. The fact that this product being sugar free and not containing any artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, makes it an ideal choice for people who seek a healthy lifestyle.
Whilst being high in nutritional value, the Manna cracker also offers an excellent taste experience for people of all ages. The extra delicious nature of this cracker beats the normal crackers to become a favorite pick among children. The Manna cracker can either be served alone for adults or with a topping of cheese, butter or jam for children to treat them with a divine taste.
The Manna cracker encourages healthy snacking with 9 grains of high nutritional value including Wheat, Green Gram, Malt, Millet, Cowpea, Barley, Corn, Red Rice and Kurakkan. This revolutionary biscuit product is manufactured using 90% of locally sourced ingredients adhering to the highest quality and safety standards.
Commenting on the newly launched product, “Chairman/Managing Director at Uswatte Confectionery Works Pvt Ltd. Mr. Quintus Perera said, “We are indeed proud to launch this unique nutritional cracker to the local market and empower loyal consumers who seek a healthy way of life. At present people are becoming highly health conscious. So we needed to address that market gap with a highly nutritious cracker without compromising on taste and quality. We hope that all Sri Lankans will embrace the new Manna cracker that provides all major nutritional requirements for a balanced diet.”
“The name of the product “Manna” refers to; food gifted from God”. Among the nutritional benefits of the Manna Cracker, its main ingredients, Wheat is a rich source of vitamins, minerals & proteins. Green Gram is one of the best plant based sources of protein and Malt is rich in fiber and helps in reducing the risk of cardiac diseases. Cowpea lowers bad cholesterol levels, Millet is a key mineral for reducing blood pressure and helps reducing the risk of heart attacks/strokes. Barley prevents bone disorders and lowers cholesterol levels while Corn is loaded with a number of vitamins such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C and more. Red Rice boosts immune system and is ideal for weight loss and Kurakkan helps in controlling Diabetes. All these healthy ingredients also come together to treat the consumer with an unforgettable taste experience.
Dr. Jaanaki Gooneratne Ph.D, Former, Head/Deputy Director Food Technology Section, Industrial Technology Institute highly recommended the Manna cracker for its nutritional value. She said, “Manna” is a multi-grain cracker formulated with a blend of nine cereals and legumes. The composition of the cracker is rich in terms of “diet diversity”, and interestingly its macronutrients; carbohydrates, proteins and fat are essentially proportionately, nutritionally well balanced. The biscuit is free of sugar and contains a higher content of complex carbohydrates. The sensory properties of the biscuit are highly acceptable. This product, based on its nutritional composition, could be grouped under “healthy snacks”.
With the launch of Manna Cracker, Uswatte Confectionary embarks on a purpose-driven journey to create a new generation of healthy people and support island wide farmers while inspiring them for mass production along with a high value for their produce. Uswatte will be diverting around 90% of the profit derived from this product to drive forth both ongoing and future CSR projects. Uswatte is planning to export this product to overseas markets such as Europe, Africa, India and the USA and especially to the African market and some of undernourished African countries where nutritional deficiencies are widespread among children and youth.
Manna cracker is currently available in Sri Lanka as a family pack and a mini pack will soon be launched to the local market.

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  1. Chairman/Managing Director at Uswatte Confectionery Works Pvt Ltd. Mr. Quintus Perera with the newly launched Manna Cracker

About Uswatte Confectionery Works (Pvt) Ltd
Uswatte Confectionery Works (Pvt) Ltd is Sri Lanka’s pioneer in manufacturing high quality, hygienic confectionery delicacies and snacks. With a history spanning over 65 years, Uswatte Confectionery Works is the oldest confectionery manufacturer in Sri Lanka. The company’s product range includes Tipi Tip, Wafers, Glucorasa Jujubes, Party, Peppermint, Jelly, Glucolife, Fruit Candy and Jumbo Peanuts. Uswatte Confectionery Works was founded by two brothers: Christie Perera and Anton Perera in 1956 with the first factory being setup in 1961 in Ratmalana. The company’s iconic Glucorasa, a sweet brand popular amongst all Sri Lankan consumers across all age groups, was one of its earliest products. Since 2009, Uswatte has been under the visionary leadership and strategic direction of the current Managing Director Quintus Perera. He is the most experienced confectionery manufacturer in Sri Lanka and holds a Degree in Confectionery from Wisconsin University in the USA.



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