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Kumarika Therapy Oil range with 100% natural ingredients relieves women from 5 common hair issues

Dharani’s day begins at 5 am. With a quick stretch and a glass of water, she makes her way to the kitchen to brew her morning coffee. While sipping her coffee, Dharani visualizes the busy day ahead of her. Prepare breakfast, wake up the kids, shower and be ready for work by 9, make sure the kids pay attention during zoom school, join meetings, prepare lunch, complete that report, send in this estimate, join a quick call with the team, help the kids with homework, prepare dinner, read up for tomorrow’s meetings; from the minute her feet touch the ground in the morning, Dharani’s day is in constant motion. She washes up her empty mug and puts her hair up in a bun to get the day started. A couple of hair strands get tangled in her fingers. “I need to oil my hair,” she thinks to herself while running her fingers through her damaged and dry locks, but it’ll have to be on another day.

Dharani’s daily routine is similar to hundreds of other time-starved women, whose busy life schedules have taken a toll on their health. During the pandemic, a woman’s daily chores have skyrocketed and the stress of it is mostly expressed through neglected hair health directly triggering hair issues. Women experience extensive dryness, dullness, breakage, roughness and split ends with hair that’s not given proper care.

With the heaty climate conditions on this tropical island and the constant exposure to dust, polluted water and A/C environments, our hair goes through quite the struggle. Constantly changing weather conditions and surroundings can suck the hydration from your hair, leading to hair dryness and dullness. Gone are the days of pampering our hair with a soothing head massage, lathering in a thick layer of oil that magically restored its shine and health; With our busy lives, time seems to be a constant scarcity to care for our healthy skin and hair conditions.

Understanding the changing requirements of its consumers, Sri Lanka’s no.01 hair care brand Kumarika springs to action with easy, time friendly hair care. The new Kumarika Therapy range is scientifically designed exclusively for Sri Lankan hair types, integrating a mix of five powerful and natural oils; Almond oil, Caster oil, Hibiscus oil, Argan oil and pure Coconut oil.  These oils work in unison to address the growing hair concerns of the Sri Lankan woman. Almond oil, rich in Vitamin B-7, repairs damaged hair follicles to keep hair healthy and strong. Castor (Endaru) oil, packed with omega-6 fatty acids, improves hair flexibility, generates hair growth and moisturizes hair to soften and repair shine. Hibiscus (pokuru wada) oil produces keratin to repair damaged hair, maintains hair colour and thickens the hair to minimize hair loss. The ever so popular argan oil makes an appearance to act as a great moisturizer, fighting scalp dryness to promote healthy hair. Pure coconut oil, a natural hair remedy used by Sri Lankan women for ages, helps to protect the hair from protein loss, minimizing hair breakage and restoring moisturization to stimulate hair growth. Coconut oil also protects hair from external harm including dust, smoke and direct sunlight for a shiny and healthy look.

Kumarika Therapy oil, committed to repairing hair damage with 100% natural oils, comes in a bottle with a comb applicator nozzle for convenient use. This hair therapy oil can be used as a pre-bath treatment by applying only 20 minutes before shower time to absorb and restore healthiness into your hair. Kumarika is a true Sri Lankan brand that pays homage to our roots of nature-focused healing. Catering to the hair care needs of Sri Lankan women for over two decades, this heritage brand incorporates traditional hair care practices with modern solutions for 21st-century women. The new Kumarika Therapy range, formulated with 100% natural oils delivers affordable hair care with a 70ml bottle priced at just Rs. 300/-



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