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Kumarika launched initiatives to help Pilgrims unwind during their religious journey

Over the last year, Kumarika, the leading local hair care brand in Sri Lanka from Hemas Consumer Brands, launched multiple initiatives in the North and North-western provinces to engage with and be part of the pilgrims journey whilst valuing the communities that took part in religious activities. The first of two initiatives were launched on the 14th of June 2022 in Mihintale coinciding with Poson, and the second in Nallur from the 24th of August 2022 to the 27th of August 2022.

The initiative in Mihintale began with an offering of 3000 Jasmine flowers to mark the significance of Poson. Meanwhile, consumers who visited the Kumarika stall had the opportunity to have firsthand experience of the brand and its products. Consumers were offered free samples of Kumarika Hair Fall Control hair oil where over 3000 consumers also had the opportunity to take home a Kumarika Hair Oil bottle. Additionally, Consumers were also given an opportunity to experience an on-location sampling of the Kumarika Hair Oil – Hair Thinning Control where over 4500 consumers were able to apply the oil on hair before visiting the temple. In addition, more than 400 Pilgrims got the opportunity to receive free head massages at the location to relax and ease out the stress before they continued their religious journey.

In Nallur the initiative began with one thousand flower garlands being distributed to the female Pilgrims to attach to their hair. A Kumarika stall was set up which ran for a period of four days. Moreover, 10,000 units of free samples of Kumarika Hair Oil – Hair Thinning Control and 2,000 units of Kumarika Thick and Strong Shampoo were offered to consumers, during the course of the initiative. This also gave the consumers a chance to experience the product in the comfort of their homes. Additionally, 3755 pilgrims got the opportunity to use the Kumarika hair oils at the stall and experience the products while visiting the kovil.

Both initiatives were resoundingly successful and saw a large gathering experiencing Kumarika products firsthand. Hemas Consumer Brands aims to continue conducting similar initiatives around the country in the future to engage with its consumers to understand their pulse and provide them the best product experience.

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