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Diva Dathata Diriya Empowers Women Entrepreneurs inNorthern Province

The Diva Dathata Diriya training sessions are aimed at empowering women to grow their businesses and services. The aim of the Diva Dathata Diriya training sessions is to equip women entrepreneurs with the necessary resources and training opportunities, enabling them to enhance their business growth with self-assurance.

Following the success of the initial sessions held in Dankotuwa in partnership with Women in Management (WIM) on the 21st of February 2023, the initiative’s second phase was implemented in Jaffna.

The program hosted five comprehensive training sessions, covering topics such as mindset transformation from producers to entrepreneurs, bookkeeping and finance management, pricing, marketing and customer care, and digital marketplace and branding.

To acknowledge the participants’ progress, an award ceremony was held on March 5th, 2023, at the Training Centre of The District Secretariat, Jaffna. The event recognized the journey of the 51 female entrepreneurs who completed the training. Moreover, the program will continue to engage with the participants and monitor their progress. The top three female entrepreneurs will be given capital to support and advance their entrepreneurial journey.

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