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Huawei Launches Six Partner Alliances at Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023

Huawei kicked off its Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023 in Shenzhen today, bringing together over 1,200 of its partners from more than 10 countries and regions to explore ways to seek new growth and win the future. Huawei also hosted an APAC partners alliance launch ceremony during the event.

Asia-Pacific has long been an engine of global economic growth. As one of the most active regions in the global digital economy, Asia-Pacific has been a leader in digitalization and innovation initiatives. Huawei has more than 7,900 enterprise partners and more than 2,000 cloud partners in the Asia-Pacific region, and it seeks to cultivate an even stronger partner ecosystem here. Huawei has committed to increasing its investment in partnerships and incentives for partners. It hopes this will create greater value for customers, further promote the region’s digital economy development, and unleash digital productivity.

At the launch ceremony, Huawei launched six new partner alliances for the Asia-Pacific region, one each for the government, finance, electric power, and road, waterway, and port industries, as well as for the independent software vendor (ISV) and data center facility solution sectors. Over 70 partners from across Asia-Pacific attended this ceremony and pledged to continue cooperation and innovation in numerous domains. Their goal is to join hands to develop capabilities and seize opportunities from industrial digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific market.

David Wang, Huawei Executive Director of the Board, Chairman of the ICT Infrastructure Managing Board, and President of the Enterprise BG, opened the event, saying, “Digital and intelligent transformation is creating waves that will sweep across the globe. Together, they will create a market space exceeding one trillion US dollars. Huawei wants to work with partners to seize these huge opportunities. For the Asia-Pacific market, we have designed unique partner development strategies for three major markets, namely the named account (NA) market, commercial market, and distribution business. This helps address their unique needs in a more targeted fashion. Both Huawei and our partners are dedicated to helping NAs go digital, accelerating the digitalization of SMEs, and exploring the blue ocean of the distribution business. During this process, we go all out to help each other succeed. We believe that Huawei can only succeed when our partners succeed. So, let’s work together to seize these opportunities and achieve shared growth.”

David Wang opening Huawei Asia Pacific Partners Conference 2023 with a keynote

Nicholas Ma, President of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group, also spoke at this event, delivering the company’s five-year forecast for the Asia-Pacific region. Huawei expects to see its business in the region grow rapidly over the coming years, with partners contributing to 95% of the company’s revenue. These partners are also expected to take home 800 million US dollars a year just by selling Huawei products and services. Nicholas said that Huawei is also committed to helping these partners provide more valuable services to customers and achieve greater business returns.

Nicholas Ma, President of Huawei APAC Enterprise Business Group

Huawei’s Enterprise BG Vice President and Enterprise Marketing & Solution Sales President Bob Chen concluded his speech, saying, “There’s an old Chinese saying, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools.” He also outlined Huawei’s strategy for the NA market, where they plan to work with partners to deepen, strengthen, and expand industry solutions. In the commercial market, they will, “stay partner-centric and build more marketable products, solutions, and IT platforms.” As for their distribution business, Huawei will create products under the new sub-brand Huawei eKit and optimize IT platforms. Chen continued, “Together with our partners, We will accelerate the digital transformation of government and enterprise customers in Asia-Pacific.”

Bob Chen,Huawei’s Enterprise BG Vice President and Enterprise Marketing & Solution Sales President

William Dong, Huawei Cloud’s President of Marketing, shared Huawei Cloud’s goal to develop more than 1 million partners, connect more than 10 million developers, and serve over 10 million enterprise customers. He said, “Focusing on the Everything as a Service strategy, Huawei Cloud will continue to make the technologies, tools, and experience that we’ve built up over the past 30 years available on the cloud. Together with our partners, we are working to make Huawei Cloud the cloud foundation and enabler for industrial digitalization. We will innovate nonstop and openly collaborate with our partners to offer cloud services and solutions that deliver superior experiences.”

William Dong, Huawei Cloud’s President of Marketing

Charles Yang, Huawei Digital Power’s President of Global Marketing, Sales, and Services, talked about seizing low-carbon opportunities to create a better, greener future. Yang said that the next three decades will be defined by decarbonization, digitalization, and intelligent transformation. In 2023, these industries will continue experiencing a period of explosive growth, with projections indicating a potential market value of trillions of dollars over the coming 30 years. According to Yang, Huawei has built a world-leading, robust, and secure technology ecosystem, combining its strengths in digital and power electronics technologies. “Our goal is to develop a digital power technology company around a robust, sustainable ecosystem. Huawei is well-poised to help customers and partners achieve shared success, and strive to be the preferred choice in an era brimming with potential.”

Charles Yang, Huawei Digital Power’s President of Global Marketing, Sales, and Services

A panel named “Collaborating for a New Era of Innovation and Growth” was also held during the conference. Daniel Shen, General Manager of Informa Tech/Omdia served as the panel’s moderator. The panel was composed of Xiao Haijun, Huawei’s President of Enterprise Global Partner Development and Sales; Philip Hong, CTO of Sunline Technology; Dominic Shih, Chief Technology Officer of Automated System (H.K.) Limited; Suwatchai Sirimuangmul, Assistant COO of Precise System & Project Co., Ltd.; and Andreas Suryadi Gunadi, CEO of Soltius Indonesia. Together, they debated how to strengthen collaboration to maximize individual strengths and how to work out feasible solutions to real-world business problems. They also discussed what support was needed in product technology and policy areas in order to respond quickly to changing market needs.

At the conference’s Technical Innovation Summit, Huawei launched two new flagship intelligent cloud-network products for the Asia-Pacific market: CloudEngine 16800-X and CloudEngine S16700. It also launched series of new storage products, solutions, digitalization tools, and partner support programs for the region’s commercial market.

Huawei has operated in the Asia-Pacific market for over 20 years, and is dedicated to becoming a major contributor to the region’s digital economy. With an open mind and consistent cooperation strategy, Huawei will work side by side with all partners in the region, pursuing shared growth and success, and beginning a new chapter for a thriving digital economy in Asia-Pacific.



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