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Changing Communities : AIESEC in Sri Lanka successfully completes Project Youth4SriLanka

As a prominent youth run organization of Sri Lanka, AIESEC in Sri Lanka has successfully completed the large-scale SDG Facilitation project Youth4Sri Lanka. The project that spanned five months covered over 10 districts, engaged over 500 youth, worked with many stakeholders and impacted many communities all around the island.

Project Youth4SriLanka focused on five different projects that were based on the divisions of the SDG goals. The aim was to cover as many provinces all over the island so that a vast range of communities engaged with the project to create a better community.

The first project that was conducted successfully was a simultaneous beach cleanup that covered 16 beaches from the southern Coast to Colombo. It was held on the 5th of March 2023 with the strategic  partner being the ATG group of Companies as well as the recycling partner being cleantech.

“ We got the opportunity to do something amazing today. Coming together in the morning with people from all over the country for a good and worthy cause. Our Youth should work more towards keeping our beaches clean. Thank you AIESEC for this opportunity” is what our delegate, Sarah had to say about the project.

WeCare by Youth4SriLanka was held on the 19th of March and was focused on the Northern area of Sri Lanka, specifically Kanthapuram Vani Vidyalam in Vavuniya. A reverse osmosis plant as well as a health camp for the villagers in that area. AIESEC in Sri Lanka partnered with Synergen Health to execute this project successfully.

When it comes to the digital age, digital literacy is deemed most important. Keeping this in mind, Project Techzoid which primarily focuses on the Southern region conducted many workshops for students in over 10 schools as well as launched Techzoid Academy, a fully complete academy with lessons on coding and python programming. The official knowledge partner of this program was SFS academy.

Moreover, the membership of AIESEC engaged with the online campaigns done by project Go Green by Youth4Sri Lanka to raise awareness over key issues related to the forestation in Sri Lanka. The finals of the final project HerStage by Youth4SriLanka were also held on the 30th of April and engaged many women and their business ideas promoting them to become a reality.

Project Youth4SriLanka moreover brought together many enthusiastic volunteers , stakeholders as well as youth leaders to conduct this large-scale island wide project that concluded on a successful note.

AIESEC in Sri Lanka has always focused on youth leadership and conducted many projects aligned to empower youth such as the World’s Largest Lesson conducted in 2020 , Youth4Youth in 2021 and Amplifier the largest island-wide leadership development program in 2022. They will now add Youth4SriLanka as one of the most significant events organized by AIESEC in Sri Lanka that will undoubtedly empower youth to contribute to sustainable development.

Image Caption : Conducting the Workshop for Project Techzoid at S.Thomas Girls School Matara.



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