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EC Triumphs with Gold at NBQSA 2023 for Revolutionary Digital Government Solution

Elysian Crest (EC), a pioneer in innovative technological solutions, is proud to announce a momentous achievement at the National Best Quality ICT Awards (NBQSA) 2023. The prestigious Gold Award was presented to EC in the “Citizen Services and Digital Government in Public Sector and Government Category” for their groundbreaking product – the Electronic Certificate of Origin system. The product has also been selected for the Asia Pacific ICT Awards 2023 (APICTA 2023) which will be held in Hong Kong in December 2023.

This remarkable victory has not only recognized Elysian Crest’s unwavering commitment to GovTech (Government and Public Sector digitization) but has also highlighted the transformative potential of digitalization in the government and public sectors. While discussions about digital transformation in government services abound, Elysian Crest has stepped up to implement this vision, revolutionizing the sector with the Electronic Certificate of Origin system. This exceptional solution has already been deployed in the Department of Commerce in Sri Lanka. It has been streamlined and digitalized the process of issuing more than 15,000 Certificates of Origin, marking a significant leap towards efficiency and transparency.

The National ICT Awards, known for identifying quality software and technology innovations, have bestowed their highest honor upon Elysian Crest for this pioneering digital government solution. The award reaffirms Elysian Crest’s leadership in providing innovative approaches and methodologies in developing cutting-edge technology.

Mr. Kithmal Warnasooriya, the Founder and CEO of Elysian Crest, expressed his enthusiasm about this accolade, stating, “We are truly honored to receive the Gold Award at NBQSA 2023. Our Electronic Certificate of Origin system has been a labor of love, reflecting our unwavering commitment to delivering excellence in the public sector. The Department of Commerce has adopted the solution successfully and rapidly. I would also like to commend the Department of Commerce and ITC teams for their continuous support throughout the development of the system. This recognition is not just a testament to our hard work but also a milestone in advancing government services.”

The Electronic Certificate of Origin system has introduced a revolutionary approach to issuing certificates, offering a seamless end-to-end digitalization process that is setting new standards for efficiency and effectiveness. The system was implemented during the ‘Trade Facilitation for SMEs in Sri Lanka’, a project felicitated by the International Trade Centre (ITC) and GIZ with funding from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development in Germany (BMZ).

Key stakeholders have witnessed a multitude of benefits from this innovative system, including reduced paperwork, faster processing times, for Digital Payments, LPOPP, and signatures and enhanced data accuracy. Through this system, efficiency of issuing certificates of origin has increased by 93%. This recognition by NBQSA 2023 underscores the immense impact it has had on public sector operations.

Furthermore, the award-winning system is an opportunity to shift the perception towards government systems and services. It is a reminder to consumers that government initiatives can play a vital role in positively shaping society and making life more convenient for all citizens.



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