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Hayleys Fentons partners with Bibliotheca to transform Sri Lanka’s Libraries

To empower library professionals and expand educational opportunities in Sri Lanka, Hayleys Fentons has partnered with Bibliotheca, a global Swiss leader in library technology. Through this collaboration, Hayleys Fentons aims to bring cutting-edge library solutions to Sri Lanka and transform the library experience for all.

Hayleys Fentons’ Security and Communication division hosted a workshop, themed “Reimagining the Future of Libraries,” to introduce Bibliotheca’s technology to Sri Lanka’s industry professionals. This event served as a platform for librarians to explore solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern libraries.

The event also featured a noteworthy presentation on Bibliotheca by Amit Ranjan, Business Development Manager for India and South Asia. Ranjan showcased Bibliotheca’s technological advancements in libraries, including the automation system for Shanghai’s East Library and process optimisation at the Mohammed Bin Rashid Library in Dubai, the largest in the Middle East and North Africa where 1.5 million print and digital books are managed.

“We are thrilled to introduce cutting-edge library technology to Sri Lanka through our partnership with Bibliotheca, helping libraries across the country to offer a higher standard of service to their patrons” added Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons.

“This would enhance accessibility to information, elevate user experience, and attract individuals to libraries for reading, expanding educational opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to contributing to the inclusive development and enrichment of communities in Sri Lanka, and this partnership will help libraries remain relevant and accessible to all members of society.”

By addressing potential challenges of adopting digital infrastructure, the opportunity exists for Sri Lanka’s educational landscape to be more interconnected. Utilising their established expertise in engineering services, Hayleys Fentons’ expansion into library solutions under its Security and Communication division marks a crucial step in diversification, aligning with Bibliotheca’s mission to engineer solutions that engage and connect communities.

“Leveraging our established expertise in engineering services, our division now serves as a one-stop shop for all Bibliotheca’s products to the Sri Lankan market. Bibliotheca not only provides advanced technology but also offers consultation, implementation, training, and ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition” adds Jayendra Fonseka, General Manager of the Hayleys Fentons Security and Communication division. “With their expertise, libraries can navigate the complexities of technological integration effectively” he added.

The partnership between Hayleys Fentons and Bibliotheca exemplifies a shared commitment to driving innovation and excellence in the library and information sector. The workshop successfully sparked conversations about the future of libraries and charted a path towards a more dynamic and engaging library experience for all Sri Lankans.

For additional information contact Mr. Charith Handevitharana, Sr. Manager in Charge, at [email protected]  +94777306964   or  visit,

Photo Caption:  Hayleys Fentons brings cutting edge library solutions to Sri Lanka via industry event



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