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Counterfeit Parts of Honda brand were seized by CCD & infringers arrested

Honda Motor Company with the support of Colombo Crime Division (CCD) have begun taking steps to combat the illicit sale of counterfeit spare parts. Recently, several criminal raids were conducted in Kurunegala, Rathnapura, Homagama and Panchikawatte areas, which resulted in the arrest of several dealers who were involved in the distribution of counterfeit spare parts of Honda brand. These dealers were also found to be fraudulently packaging and selling counterfeit parts, which poses a severe risk to customer safety.

Police investigations are currently ongoing with the aim of disrupting supply chains to stop these illegal activities. By targeting the sources of these counterfeit parts, the authorities hope to protect consumers from potential safety hazards associated with non-genuine parts.

Honda Motor Company Officials have emphasised that raids of this nature will continue to be executed in the future with the help of the CCD. The raids are primarily driven by customer complaints regarding the sale of counterfeit spare parts, which highlighted a great concern. The use of counterfeit parts not only compromises the integrity of the vehicle but pose serious safety threats and risks to riders and passengers alike.

Customer safety is of paramount importance, and Honda urges all customers to be proactive in the purchase of genuine spare parts. It is essential that customers rely on genuine parts which are purchased from authorised dealers only, as they guarantee the highest levels of safety and performance. It is imperative to note that genuine parts are designed and tested to meet Honda’s high-quality standards to ensure optimal functionality and reliability.

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