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Hasthigiri Hotel and Bakery sets up Online Delivery Service

Hasthigiri Hotel and Bakery is one of the most sought after fresh bread venues in the city of Colombo. Since its inception in 1948, it has provided best-in class services for everyone who drops by, paying a great deal of concern on safety and healthiness of food. Many customers have accustomed to its fresh bread which is baked in a traditional wood-fired oven, baked every morning to serve the wave of customers. Now customers can order food through

After the COVID 19 Outbreak hit the shores of Sri Lanka, many traditional businesses more or less were badly affected leaving them in a precarious situation. Hasthigiri Hotel and Bakery also had to face the repercussions of the tragic situation and one major factor contributed in it was the unavailability of an online platform to be engaged with the customers and continue online sales strategies. Due to the challenging period, its entire staff was left with no means of survival. It also meant that customers missed a venue which was admired for its cleanliness and safe food handling measures.

Much to the delight of its staff and the customers who are eagerly waiting to feel the unique taste its fresh bread, now Hasthigiri Hotel and Bakery have come online setting up an online delivery system to serve thousands of people. More importantly, more than 30 small businesses such as groceries, gas and tailoring have put up online delivery services to facilitate the customers during this emergency. Having a variety of enterprises opening up online avenues will make the difference on the availability of essentials to buy and this initiative will cater to the needs of thousands of people living under the pressure of reaching out to buy their essentials.

This is a timely social enterprise initiative of CurveUp, Roketeer Labs and PR Wire in an attempt to help SME’s go digital.



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