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The new range has been unveiled at ShirtWorks’ flagship store

Aaraa & Aati – Sri Lanka’s homegrown luxury jewellery brand – has launched its opulent range of cufflinks, intending to fill the vacuum in luxury fashion accessories for men.

The brand-new cufflink collection – sporting semi-precious and precious gems – was launched at ShirtWorks’ flagship store located in Liberty Plaza. ShirtWorks – also known as SWX – is an exclusive men’s fashion platform pioneering in handpicked styles of shirts, trousers, denims, knits, accessories and inner wear.

Fahmy Rahman – Co-Founder of Aaraa & Aati – identified a vacuum in the luxury men’s accessories market that very few local brands were paying heed to. Women’s luxury accessories always tend to steal the spotlight – especially during engagements, weddings and other celebratory occasions. As a result, Fahmy decided to introduce luxury cufflinks to the market, dedicated to all the hardworking and deserving men out there.

 “I noticed that every man – as a member of the corporate world, or a groom, or someone just wanting to celebrate a special occasion – didn’t really possess a proper luxury accessory to wear. And that’s when I realised that this was the best time and the perfect opportunity to introduce luxury cufflinks to the Sri Lankan market.

There was no better way to position this idea than to partner with ShirtWorks – a brand that possesses the experience and expertise as a market leader in men’s wear. Every journey begins with a concept, and as a company that has conceptualised and created a high-end brand with one-of-a-kind product offerings, Aaraa & Aati is extremely grateful for this incredible partnership with ShirtWorks.”

Cufflinks symbolise power, reputation and wealth, and exude class and style. Over the years, they have been symbols of personal expression, official or royal distinction, and more recently – a trend in fashion. They can be used to style a semi-formal or formal outfit and transform any look. Gifting someone a pair of cufflinks implies that the recipient is a person worthy of prestige. A pair of cufflinks therefore make a very elegant and classy gift.

Aaraa & Aati takes it further with its range of precious stone and semi-precious stone cufflinks. The precious collection is studded with blue sapphires and rubies while the semi-precious ones are studded with opal, topaz, peridots and garnets. All these stones are naturally mined and are extremely unique. Aaraa & Aati has special designers and goldsmiths who work tirelessly to bring these handmade cufflinks to life!

Commenting on the new collection, Fahmy Rahman stated: “Not all gemstones are created equal. Therefore, having to pair two unique gemstones make each pair of cufflinks all the more distinctive and personal. Furthermore, we cater to bespoke orders where our customers have the option of choosing their own designs and gemstones, and are able to customise it further by engraving names and special dates.”

“We have more exotic and ornate designs that are currently in the works and waiting to hit the market. Following our journey through our social media channels will help keep you updated of all the new offerings we have in store for you,” he added.

The deluxe Cufflink Collection is currently available for purchase at the ShirtWorks’ flagship store and the Aaraa & Aati showroom. For more information, please visit or contact us on 0770218384.




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