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The last few decades have seen a significant transformation in the smartphone tech space. Through the years, as network speeds have progressed from 1G to 4G, we have witnessed pathbreaking innovations and noteworthy developments in the smartphone space. The next generation 5G technology brings revolutionary changes to the smartphone market with its faster connection speeds, higher bandwidths, and lower latency compared to previous generations.

Therefore, with the increasing favourability of next-gen cutting-edge cellular 5G technology in handheld devices, smartphones will be able to establish a more reliable internet connection to cloud or internet-based services. Not only this, the improved connectivity of 5G will significantly reduce loading times for applications and enhance the overall performance of smartphones, thus transforming the whole smartphone experience for the users in many ways. For instance, downloading high-resolution movies and uploading heavy files would go from taking several minutes to just a few seconds. Furthermore, it would assist in expanding the scope of servers and voice-enabled technology, leading to an overall advancement in the smartphone space. It binds the world virtually through machines and smart devices.

Sri Lanka is rapidly shifting its way from 4G towards the advanced 5G mobile services. Based on the recent developments in the region, Sri Lanka is building a national fibre network linked to numerous international cables. The 45,000km Telecom network is expected to serve as the backbone for fixed broadband and mobile services, including 5G. The rising utilization of online video and easy access to internet facilities has further raised the demand for 5G in the region. The country is establishing its foothold into 5G development with an auction for spectrum and inviting smartphone makers for demonstrating 5G trials in the region.  

As a future-ready brand, vivo is continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation since it came to Sri Lanka in 2017. It has closely followed the evolution of cutting-edge technologies in the communications industry and the development of 5G standards. vivo, a leader in 5G development and a fervent advocate of the new technology, has been one of the most important contributors to the global 5G technology. As early as 2016, vivo ramped up its efforts in 5G planning and investment and established an R&D centre of 5G core technology and standardization. As of October 2020, vivo has applied for more than 2,000 5G patents and submitted more than 4,000 5G proposals to the 3GPP organization.

vivo’s forward-looking strategy and consistent investments have allowed the company to made remarkable progress in the research and development of 5G standards and core technologies. In the 5G mobile phone market, vivo is committed to providing consumers with a growing range of 5G mobile phones and an improved 5G experience.

Following the Benfen philosophy, vivo is committed to bringing the best technology and ultimate user experience to customers. As proof of its commitment, vivo has developed a family of 19 phones with 5G support covering all price points. The new phones offer more choice for consumers and will accelerate the mainstream use of 5G.

In recent times, vivo has introduced a smart combination of 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the IQOO Pro 5G, a first of its kind 5G-ready smartphone recently launched by the brand to cater to popular demand. vivo is well prepared to fully leverage the 5G technology to create ‘Intelligent Phones’ that stay ahead of time. vivo is persistently setting new benchmarks in the technological development process and continues to open a world with limitless possibilities to its users.

The Sri Lankan market is still in the initial phase of development, with penetration lining up to the level of most other developed Asian countries. Strong development and innovations are anticipated in the next 5 years by industry experts. It is also anticipated that vivo is soon planning to introduce next-generation 5G smartphones in the island market. As always, the brand looks forward to enhancing the quality of lives of the Sri Lankan people with our purpose-driven, meaningful innovations.




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