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DIMO elevates Sri Lanka’s Healthcare Sector with diverse solutions

DIMO, one of the leading conglomerates in Sri Lanka, is poised to take Sri Lanka’s healthcare sector to the next level while expanding its product portfolio in the healthcare sector. The company’s latest initiative in this sector is the securing of representation of the world’s leading brands in cardiovascular devices which will undoubtedly help to further expand its strong position in the cardiology sector of the healthcare field.

By bringing cardiac devices under the DIMO umbrella, the company is now fully equipped to service the cardiology related healthcare needs of the country. In addition, DIMO has also tied up with leading global brands to supply surgical instruments, thereby enabling it to provide a total basket of healthcare solutions to the nation. As a result, DIMO’s vast array of healthcare solutions now extends throughout many fields of the healthcare industry such as Radiology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Oncology, Urology, Neonatal care, Critical care, Anaesthesiology and Cardiovascular devices.

DIMO Chairman & Managing Director Ranjith Pandithage stated, “DIMO has been a pioneer in providing world class healthcare solutions to Sri Lanka, contributing to build a healthier nation. With products identified to meet the specific requirements of healthcare providers, they are better able to access precision medicine, transform care delivery and improve patient experience, helping patients lead healthier lives.”

DIMO Director Wijith Pushpawela stated, “DIMO has supplied Radiology and critical care equipment from globally-renowned brands such as Siemens and Drager to every part of the country including to rural areas such as Theldeniya, Kamburupitiya, Vavuniya, Bibila, Kantale, Dickoya, Kinniya, Muthur and Rikillagaskada. We have also provided Radiology and other medical equipment to leading private sector hospitals while elevating the local private healthcare sector.”

DIMO was the first to introduce PET scanners with the Premium LSO based detectors technology to Sri Lanka. This state-of-the-art technology provides many distinct advantages such as the availability of more precise information, resulting in a higher potential for an earlier diagnosis and more definitive treatment strategy, thereby helping to improve patient outcomes. DIMO was also the first to introduce Wide Angle Fundus Phototherapy (Carl Zeiss) that provides the ability to detect 133-degree angle of the retina without dilation as opposed to the conventional 45-degree angle with dilation. This improves early screening of Diabetic retinopathy and patient comfort.

“We have achieved many ‘firsts’ including being the first to introduce Carl Zeiss Multi Spot Green Laser therapeutic microscope to Sri Lanka, which improves therapeutic treatments of diabetic retinopathy and provides greater patient comfort”, Pushpawela added.  

“Servicing plays an integral part of company’s offerings and DIMO’s healthcare service team attends to regular maintenance and servicing requirements around the clock throughout the country, in order to ensure that the healthcare services island wide are not disrupted in any way. Such professional approach has ensured the smooth running of ventilators and other hi-tech medical equipment used to treat Covid-19 patients as well as other essential medical equipment during the pandemic”, Pushpawela further stated.

The adoption of technology in healthcare over the years, which is on par with global standards, has led to better diagnosis and treatment of patients. Out of all the benefited sectors from technology adoption, healthcare is probably the most important one. Consequently, it improves the quality of life of the general public over time and has helped and continues to save many lives. DIMO understands the importance of constantly being in contact with the local key opinion leaders of each fraternity while updating them on the latest technology adapted globally, to take the local healthcare sector to the next level. As a responsible corporate citizen, this is carried out in line with global environmental concerns, reducing unnecessary radiation and patient error. Further, each fraternity organises academic sessions annually for which DIMO has contributed by conducting demonstrations and facilitating globally-renowned clinicians to update local clinicians on global trends in terms of technology and diagnosis.

DIMO recognizes that the healthcare sector is a large, fast-growing operational domain. Reports indicate that in the future, Sri Lanka’s aging population will increase rapidly and therefore the local healthcare sector needs to gear up to cater to this demand. As they grow older, the elderly community has been proven to have less agility and level of tolerance for the required medical diagnostic tests which is a vital aspect that needs to be taken into account when operating in this sector. DIMO represents brands which are in the forefront of global technology. With the advancement of technology and incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the equipment, the time taken for certain scans would be drastically reduced while also providing more accurate diagnosis. This relieves the patients from the stress of going through examinations, leading to an improvement in the overall experience.


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DIMO’s healthcare service team continues servicing amidst the pandemic to ensure smooth functioning of medical equipment



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