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Trainocate Lanka Partners with Alethea International School to facilitate its Digital Transformation with RESET Microsoft 365 LMS

Trainocate Lanka, a leading learning and development provider has recently partnered Alethea International School, one of the oldest privately owned schools in the country, to facilitate the all-new RESET programme. This is the first time the RESET programme will be implemented in a school in Sri Lanka. Alethea was established in 1928 and has over 90 years of history in the education field. Implementing the RESET programme into the school’s eco-system provides an opportunity to improve and IT literacy of students and introduce the global applications of RESET.

Anitra Perera, Managing Director/Coordinating Principal of Alethea School and Alethea International School commented on the programme, “The introduction of RESET to our syllabus, goes hand in hand with the digital transformation of our school. The programme is the first step in ensuring that our students are well prepared for the digital world that awaits them. This is a first step in enhancing the quality of the education we provide for our students”.

Remote End User Self Enablement Training or RESET, provides a library of instructional videos by tech experts that are geared toward self-learning. Products such as Microsoft Office plays a crucial role in the daily lives of students and industry professionals alike, and RESET provides a fundamental understanding of how they work. Teachers will be able to use RESET to customise modules that go hand in hand with the current syllabi. Using RESET, teachers can manage students, classes, and sections remotely as well. Additionally, RESET also features surveys, quizzes, exams and more, which can help analyse student performances.

The launch ceremony which was held on the 8th of April 2022 at Alethea International School was graced by Mr. Anh Pham, Chief Partner Officer – Microsoft SEANM who addressed attendees on the subject of “Future Ready Skills for Higher Education”. During his address, Mr. Anh Pham remarked on the RESET Partnership with the following, “I would like to take this opportunity to commend Trainocate, being one of our key partners in the SEANM region on introducing the RESET LMS to Sri Lankan students via Alethea and by doing so, keeping the next generation of talented Sri Lankan Professionals up to speed”.

The RESET programme bridges a large gap in IT education as it provides grassroot level training in Microsoft 365, which is a software used vastly by corporates all over the world. The programme helps increase a student’s productivity and confidence, which in turn empowers the workforce with skilled, self-sufficient users.

Zafarullah Hashim, Chief Executive Officer of Trainocate shared his thoughts on the partnership, “We have had a great partnership with Alethea for a long time, and the implementation of the RESET programme is a testament to it. We believe that this programme will lay a great foundation for students and teachers alike in their journey towards a very digital future. We are grateful to be able to contribute our services for the betterment of the school and its students.”

RESET gives students an opportunity to be industry ready from a very young age. The programme is fully accessible remotely. RESET will be implemented grade-by-grade between grade 6 and grade 11. Beyond that, Trainocate, who is Microsoft’s Leading Learning partner in the world will offer Microsoft 365 Fundamentals training as part of its Microsoft Role based pathways. The programme will benefit both students and teachers and will help raise the level and quality of education on offer at Alethea to great new heights.



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