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Hemas Consumer Brands reaffirms strong commitment to reforestation and increasing forest cover

Hemas Consumer Brands, Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer in the Home and Personal Care sector has once again joined forces with the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka to continue reforesting in a joint effort to conserve Sri Lanka’s rainforests.

The Balangoda Reforestation project was spearheaded in 2021 by Baby Cheramy, Kumarika and the Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka. The project has seen volunteers from all the business units of Hemas Holdings who joined the cross-group effort along with members of the Forest Conservation Department and people from the surrounding villages to contribute to the reforestation process.

This project not only helps replenish rainforests with new trees, but also helps existing forest areas, the plethora of flora and fauna that dwells in and around them preventing forest fires as well. Projects like the Balangoda Reforestation initiative are created and implemented to encourage citizens and authorities alike, to help protect our forest lands.

Hemas Consumer Brands supports the Hemas Groups environmental agenda through initiatives such as this and will continue to work alongside Rainforest Protectors of Sri Lanka to lead long-term efforts of this nature and other projects that encourage the conservation of rainforest areas in Sri Lanka.



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