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“Going Red for Real: Fems Challenges Menstruation Taboos with Bold TV Campaign”

Committed to removing the stigma around menstruation, the latest Fems TVC uses red colour to depict period blood for the first time ever in the advertising of the sanitary napkin category in Sri Lanka. A leading feminine hygiene care brand owned by Hemas Consumer Brands, Fems is establishing a benchmark for others in the category to follow in its footsteps. With its bold move, the brand is hoping to break the social stigma around periods by showcasing it truthfully as a normal bodily process and doing away with narrow societal norms. The brand promotes gender equality and empowers women by urging them not to look back.

As a socially responsible brand that focuses on promoting a healthful nation, Fems is a leading hygiene care brand manufactured and marketed by Hemas Consumer Brands. The brand’s existing product range, accredited with dermatologically-tested and SLS certifications, has set itself apart as the most sought-after hygiene care brand among women of all ages. Fems was the first Sri Lankan sanitary napkin brand to come up with a high-quality, low-cost sanitary napkin called Fems Aya. Throughout a journey of over 18 years, the brand has been continuing its pioneering efforts for the betterment of women through various community support initiatives and launched a national initiative in 2021 to educate about and fight period poverty.



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