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Hayleys Fentons and SolaX Power Illuminate Sri Lanka’s Solar Industry through Informative Partner Training Event 

Aimed to empower solar partners in Sri Lanka with the latest advancements in solar solutions

Hayleys Fentons joined forces with SolaX Power, a renowned name in solar technology, to raise awareness and empower solar installers in Sri Lanka with the latest advancements in solar solutions.

Distinguished experts from SolaX Power shared their invaluable knowledge and expertise with attendees, through interactive sessions, engaging panel discussions, and practical workshops. Setting the stage for the informative event was Mr. Jerry Cui, the SolaX Power Sales Director for Asian Pacific & Middle East, introducing SolaX Power’s cutting-edge products and solutions. Industry representatives including Hayleys Solar, shared how SolaX Power has supported their business growth and created value for their customers over the period of time. Ms. Cony Pan, the technical Support Manager of SolaX Power, engaged attendees by addressing frequently asked questions about SolaX products, enhancing participants’ technical knowledge. The event was also graced by SolaX Power Sales representatives Mr. Adam He and Ms. Demi Jiang.

The event focused on equipping solar installers with best practices for solar installations, fostering a sustainable future committed to renewable energy solutions.

Key areas covered included: Safety Practices – Ensuring that solar installers follow strict safety protocols to minimize the risk of accidents during installations. Introducing Technical Features and Data – Educating solar installers on the technical aspects of SolaX Power solar inverter solutions, enabling them to make informed decisions during installations. Installation Procedures with Precautions – Providing step-by-step guidelines for installation, while highlighting the importance of taking necessary precautions to ensure reliable and long-lasting solar setups. Operational and Troubleshooting Methods – Equipping installers with the know-how to efficiently operate and troubleshoot solar systems to maximize performance and address potential issues effectively. Maintenance and Decommissioning – Teaching installers about regular maintenance practices to optimize system performance and ensuring proper decommissioning processes for end-of-life solar installations.

Hayleys Solar is a trusted distributor of SolaX Power solar inverter solutions in Sri Lanka. The SolaX partner training event played a significant role in furthering Sri Lanka’s solar industry and reinforcing the commitment to an eco-friendly and greener future.


Image Caption- Experts from SolaX Power during the Knowledge-Share session



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