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Swadeshi Khomba celebrates Sri Lanka’s cultural heritage with digital  “Avurudhu Litha” for the first time in Sri Lanka.

The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC, the No. 01 herbal personal care product company in Sri Lanka, and a company that is committed to preserving the country’s rich cultural heritage through the innovative Swadeshi Khomba Avurudhu Litha initiative. As a Sri Lankan company deeply rooted in traditional values and customs, The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC understands the importance of safeguarding and promoting the cultural legacy of Sri Lanka.

In a ground-breaking move, the pioneer and the No. 01 herbal soap brand in Sri Lanka Swadeshi Khomba introduces Sri Lanka’s first-ever digital Avurudhu Litha, revolutionizing the way people, especially the younger generation, experience and celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year. This digital Avurudhu Litha incorporates modern technology while staying true to age-old traditions, making it accessible to a wider audience and ensuring that cultural practices are preserved for years to come.

The centrepiece of the Swadeshi Khomba Avurudhu Litha initiative is the QR code feature, which leads users to a comprehensive Litha guide. This guide includes detailed audio, information about auspicious times, and various traditional activities associated with the Avurudhu season. Through this digital platform, Swadeshi aims to bridge the gap between generations, allowing younger audiences to connect with their roots and learn about their cultural heritage in an engaging and interactive manner.

Chairperson for Swadeshi, Ms. Amari Wijewardene expressed enthusiasm about the Swadeshi Khomba Avurudhu Litha initiative, stating, “At Swadeshi, we believe in the power of technology to preserve and promote our cultural heritage. The Swadeshi Khomba Aurudu Litha initiative is a testament to our commitment to combining modern innovation with traditional values, ensuring that our rich heritage continues to thrive in today’s digital age.”

The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC invites everyone to join in celebrating Sri Lanka’s vibrant cultural heritage through the Swadeshi Khomba Litha initiative. Embrace the spirit of tradition, innovation, and community as we usher in a new era of cultural preservation and appreciation.

Country’s No. 01 Herbal soap brand Swadeshi Khomba has been a trusted brand for generations. Swadeshi Khomba has natural Kohomba oil, which has been used for generations as a natural herbal therapy for protection against germs.  Swadeshi Khomba cleanses the skin while also nourishing and safeguarding it.

As a 100% local company Swadeshi continues its nation building and community CSR projects for our Sri Lankan communities. The Swadeshi Khomba brand is dedicated to carrying out sustainability projects which focus on caring for Mother Nature and enhancing cultural values. Company’s many community outreach initiatives include, Island wide annual lighting ceremony of temples “Swadeshi Khomba Aloka Puja Sathkaraya”, “Swadeshi Khomba Mihithala Sathkaraya” Kohomba tree planting campaigns, Donation of water tanks for the communities, schools and temples in dry zone of Sri Lanka and Swadeshi Khomba Baby care gifts to pregnant mothers.

“As the country’s leading herbal personal care products company, we would like consumers to learn more about the functional benefits of the herbal ingredients used by Swadeshi in all its products, we use only the best of Sri Lankan herbs, and all ingredients are extensively researched, and the products fully tested to ensure quality and all our products are 100% Vegetarian, Not tested on animals and Cruelty free. Swadeshi products including Swadeshi Khomba, Rani Sandalwood and Swadeshi Khomba Baby are accredited by the Vegetarian Society, UK.” This stands testament to the company’s forward-thinking practices, as well as our desire to help consumers make ethical and eco-friendly choices. The company has always considered the health and environmental impact of its products, and continues to prioritize it. Swadeshi, a truly Sri Lankan company has claimed many industry firsts to its name during past 80 years.

The pioneer and market leader in the herbal personal care category in Sri Lanka, The Swadeshi Industrial Works PLC, was incorporated in 1941.  Among the brands of Swadeshi are Swadeshi Khomba, Rani Sandalwood, Swadeshi Khomba Baby, Perlwite, Lak Bar, Safeplus, Black Eagle Perfume, Khomba Hand Wash, Khomba Body Wash and Rani Shower Cream range.

The company manufactures and markets the No. 01 herbal brand in Sri Lanka “Khomba Herbal” and heritage beauty brand Rani Sandalwood.



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