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Jeewithe So Fun: Miniso Brings Joy into the Mix for a Spectacular Shopping Experience

MINISO, one of the world’s leading lifestyle retail brands, is on a mission to make your life more convenient and joyful than ever before. With its rejuvenated fresh outlook on life, Miniso is bringing a double dose of fun, positivity, and excitement into Sri Lankan shoppers. Abans, the master franchise holder for Miniso in Sri Lanka, is taking things up a notch with a spectacular expansion plan across the country. With over 10 showrooms already established island-wide, the new plan sets Miniso to double its presence by bringing its unique shopping experience even closer to consumers.

But Miniso isn’t just about quantity, it’s about quality fun! Their vast product range caters to everyone, especially youth, offering a blend of convenience, fashion, and pure entertainment. From quirky household items to trendy fashion accessories, Miniso has something to add a spark of joy to every aspect of your life. Popular for its wallpaper-worthy plushies and Pinterest-worthy home items, Miniso is known to be the go-to destination for things you can’t resist paying for once you see them.

The exciting revamp is driven by a new theme: “Jeewithe So Fun!”, derived from the global theme: “Life is for Fun!” Miniso recognizes that everyone craves a little more fun in their lives. Their vibrant stores and attractive product selection are designed to bring a smile to your face and add a touch of whimsy to your everyday life. Walking into a Miniso outlet quite literally feels like entering a different world – filled with colour, variety, and a lot of fun.

Miniso’s strategic upgrade aims to establish the brand as a leading IP design retail group in the world, and it has collaborated with approximately 100 renowned IP licensors so far. Partnering with Barbie, Care Bears, Mickey & Friends, Sanrio, Tom & Jerry, and more – Miniso has become the exclusive store from which enthusiastic shoppers in Sri Lanka can purchase their favourite merch for affordable prices. The recent collaborations with Harry Potter and BT21 have tapped into massive fan bases and have helped enhance Miniso as a destination that ensures a “fantastical and fashionable shopping experience.”

Miniso’s new theme echoes its values of being a brand that sells affordable and high-quality items with a touch of lightheartedness and joy to be experienced while shopping. Joyful and high-quality life experiences do not necessarily have to come at a high cost. Miniso is keen on helping everyone find happiness in their attractive designs and latest technology, and on launching products that are nice to look at, easy to use and fun to interact with.

Thus, whether you’re looking for a new pair of headphones to unwind with, a cuddly plushie to gift your partner, or a kitchen set for your mother, Miniso is the place to be. The new outlook is all about finding joy in the little pleasures. Sri Lankan shopping enthusiasts can now get ready to experience the joy of MINISO and discover how Life, truly, is for Fun.



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