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HUTCH launches Digital Vesak Deemana offering Free Data, SMS and Talk time for the 6th year

Encourages all Sri Lankan’s to reflect and engage in religious observances from home

Committing to ‘giving’ in its true spirit, HUTCH will be launching its trademark Digital “Vesak Deemana” for the 6th consecutive year in light of the Vesak festival from 7th to 9th May 2020.

HUTCH customers can now avail this free offer by dialing *311# or through HUTCH Self Care App. All Hutch 072/078 subscribers will be able to enjoy 200MB, 30 minutes free calls and 30 SMS’s, absolutely free daily for 3 days.

Considering the prevailing situation in the country, HUTCH will also be hosting a colorful 3D animated Vesak Pandol on the landing page of website. All visitors can gain access and harmoniously listen to the soothing “Rathana Suthra’’, as a digital pooja invokes blessings on themselves, their households and the entire nation. Rathana Suthra preaching is said to have dispelled the three fears: fear of death, fear of disease and fear of famine from a pandemic in Vishaala during Lord Buddha’s era.

HUTCH has also collaborated with Neth FM to sponsor the Digital Thorana depicting the ‘’Gandathindu Jathaka’’ story which urges everyone to be free from acts of evil and practice benevolence and acts of good will.

Adding further vibrancy this year and encouraging families to stay indoors HUTCH has organized an engaging Digital Vesak competition for subscribers to actively post pictures of home-made Vesak lanterns from their homes and win exciting gifts.

“We understood that the public will not be able to experience a traditional Vesak in its full nature this year as a result of the prevailing situation. As an act of goodwill and the need of the hour, HUTCH is honoured to host the Digital Vesak Deemana leveraging our platforms for our customers to  engage with their religious activities while helping them stay safe and connected to their loved ones” said Iranga Amandakoon,  Senior Manager Marketing, HUTCH.



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