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Stafford and Inventive Polymers donates Face Shields to PHI Union & IDH

The sole authorized distributor of Honda in Sri Lanka; Stafford         Motors has joined with its subsidiary, Inventive Polymers Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, to donate face shields to support the national initiative to overcome the Covid-19 crisis.

Stafford Group, as a well respected local entity is steadfast in their vision that their CSR initiatives are well aligned with a focus on uplifting the quality of lives of all Sri Lankans. The necessity of face shields is a need of the moment for the front line workers of health industry as well as of the security officers.

Inventive polymers Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. also known as IPL, is a company engaged in R&D and production of polymer based safety equipment. The designing, development and manufacture of the face shield was done by IPL and the company states that demand for the ‘IPL face shields’ has been increasing from both local and foreign customers.     

The two companies jointly donated 500 face shields to the PHI Union, 100 to the IDH Hospital 50 face shields to MRI (Medical Research Institute) and  some more units to a few police         stations.

The face shields that are donated, are re-usable Protective Face Shields that have been  manufactured in accordance with the WHO standards. The transparent shield consists of a light weight head band, uniquely designed to fit the forehead and the transparent sheet is made with polycarbonate that can with stand dust and fog. It is easy to clean and durable. Hence, this would enable the front line staff to engage in their tasks easily.

“In the long run, Stafford Group envisions to become the most respected business entity in Sri Lanka, as such, this would be one amongst the several CSR initiatives that would be aligned to the long term corporate vision. Evidently, Sri Lanka is in a battle with a virus that has been able to create a standstill, disrupting and affecting corporates across the globe. As such, we realized this was evidently a moment we gave back to our nation as a responsible corporate leader,” stated Dr.Kalinga Kaluperuma, Managing Director of Stafford Motor Company

It has been revealed that for infection with this virus to occur, it must come into contact with the eyes, nose, or mouth. This happens when droplets produced by an infected person (via talking, coughing or sneezing), land on the face of another person. Touching a surface that is contaminated with infectious droplets and then touching one’s own eyes, nose or mouth, is another way for infection to occur. Therefore, the key to avoiding infection is to have these areas of the face covered, which is why the face shields can be considered an important PPE for the front line professionals/ staff of corporates. The company retails the face shield at a reasonable price point of Rs.750.00 and can be purchased at several places or delivered to your doorstep.



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