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The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020 returns to Sri Lanka for the fourth consecutive year through “Readers Portal”

World’s Biggest Book Sale goes online from 1st-4th October 2020

Its official, the World’s Biggest Book Sale is back in Sri Lanka! Taking an innovative approach, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020 will move to an online platform this year, “The Readers Portal” live for 24 hours a day from 1st to 4th October. The website was officially launched at a press briefing held in Colombo by Director of ProRead Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, Nishan Wasalathanthri, along with Co-Founders of the Big Bad Wolf Books Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng as well as the Partner of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Sri Lanka Dipak Madhavan joining the audience through live web conferencing from Malaysia.

The Wolf Pack in Sri Lanka will once again be able to experience the popular 50%-90% discounts and will have access to three times more book titles with 70% of the titles this year being new, this means that these titles have never been in Sri Lanka before, this is more than in previous editions. Readers of all interests can find bestseller titles, novels, science fiction, romance, literature, graphic novels, business books, self-help, architecture books, cookbooks, and many more. The Online Sale also includes a wide collection of children’s books; storybooks, activity books, board books, coloring books, picture books, and featured interactive books—all at steeply discounted prices.

The website will give fans a seamless and efficient method of purchasing books right from the comfort of their homes, which is mobile-friendly, making accessibility to the Sale an ease. Popular titles that will be showcased include book from the Disney, Star Wars, and Harry Potter franchises. A recommendation section on the website will even help readers and non-readers alike choose the books that are right for them, based on their interests. The easy-to-navigate site will allow shoppers to search via keywords, ISBN, titles, and authors.  

“Online sales are common, but Online Book Sales are rare, and taking the World’s Biggest Book Sale online is a challenging but exciting task. While key global events scheduled this year have been cancelled due to the pandemic, we did not want to disappoint our fans. The safety of the fans is our top priority–which is the primary reason why the Sale is returning via an online platform this year. It is not only to overcome safety concerns but opens a new avenue for customer convenience in Sri Lanka” said Andrew Yap, Co-Founder of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale.

Nishan Wasalathanthri Director of ProRead Lanka (Pvt) Ltd said, “Innovative Disruption was a key value proposition from the inception of the Book Sale, back in 2009. Even though the books are being shipped from Malaysia, local courier charges are expected to be at a minimum rate while any book purchase above Rs 8,000 will be free of courier charges. What this means is a hassle-free shopping experience in which users no longer need to wait in traffic, queues, and worry about safety from COVID19. It’s as easy as ordering books and getting them delivered to your doorstep”.

“The Wolf Team believes that book lovers across the world need to be granted access to books at affordable prices and that the practice of reading needs to be inculcated among everyone. This is the primary goal of the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. The pandemic raises concern on the safety of the public, which could be overcome by an online platform which is practiced in other countries as well. Delivery partners will also follow the necessary safety precautions ensuring that the proper hygiene and safety measures are met. The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale team assures that the team will be monitoring the whole process meticulously ensuring all safety precautions are followed thoroughly.” Jacqueline Ng, Co-Founder of Big Bad Wolf Book Sale added.

Visitors to the Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale Sri Lanka 2020 can keep a look out on the website’s banner for current promotions. Customers can access the Magical Books, Horrible Book series, and Classic Fairytales by White Star Kids series promotion by clicking on the banner. Under the Horrible Book series section, customers can choose to purchase 3 books at Rs.640. As for the Magical Books promotion, customers can choose to purchase 2 Magical Books and get 1 free Magical Book, or purchase 3 Magical Books and get 2 free Magical Books. The Classic Fairytale by White Star Kids series is a buy 1 Classic Fairytales book and get 1 free Classic Fairytales book in return. Customer are also advised to stay updated from our social media pages for the latest contest and promotion announcement.

The Sale, opens 24 hours a day from 1st to 4th October 2020 through . Stay tuned in for the latest Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020 updates through Facebook at  and Instagram



Driven by passion, Andrew Yap and Jaqueline Ng first launched the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in 2009 as a warehouse sale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing an exciting array of excess books from international distributors. The affordable prices and easy availability of the books proved to be a huge attraction and in no time, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale turned into a landmark event nationwide. Offering brand new English books at discount as high as 50% to 90% off recommended retail price, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale features a wide range of books across all genres, including fiction and non-fiction bestsellers, young adult fiction, as well as an extensive collection of children’s books. Apart from Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has also successfully extended its footprint across cities in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Myanmar, Taiwan, Cambodia and Korea.

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Image 1- From left Big Bad Wolf Books Sri Lanka Partner Dipak Madhavan and Co-Founders of Big Bad Wolf Books, Jacqueline Ng and Andrew Yap launching The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale 2020 Readers Portal Website

Image 2- ProRead Lanka (Pvt) Ltd Director Nishan Wasalathanthri introducing the website together with PR Executive Tiaradeetha Ramjit, Big Bad Wolf Books Sri Lanka Partner Dipak Madhavan and Co-Founders of Big Bad Wolf Books, Jacqueline Ng and Andrew Yap joining live from Malaysia



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