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Clogard Helps Safeguard the River Roots at Sri Paada

Clogard, the leading oral care brand recently assisted a series of initiatives aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of Sri Pada, one of the country’s sacred sites worshipped by Sri Lankans of all ethnic groups. The brand, through a series of initiatives ensured that pilgrims continue to trek the peak with minimum impact on environment whilst contributing to Clogards’s efforts in preserving the valuable ecosystem surrounding Sri Paada and the roots of life.

Plastic trash thrown away by thousands of pilgrims at Sri Paada has long been identified as a critical issue that causes severe damage to the precious roots of Sri Lanka’s major rivers, the Kelani, Kalu, Walawe, and Mahaweli, all which originate from here. Clogard came forward to minimize the adverse impact caused during the Sri Paada pilgrimage season starting in April 2021 under the theme of River Roots Preservation (Jala Mula Rakimu Samanola Gira).

The first in the series of initiatives was to create awareness among the pilgrims on the serious consequences of disposing plastic along the route to Sri Paada and how the pilgrims can minimize using plastic when travelling. A Clogard team leading by example volunteered in collecting the plastic trash along the Sri Paada route and completed the task by handing over the collected items to a Plastic collection center.

Plastic bottles have accounted for the majority of plastic trash at Sri Paada. Introducing one of the best substitutes for plastic bottles, the Clogard team went on to distribute clay bottles to pilgrims on their climb. It has been identified that pilgrims who climb Sri Paada face difficulties in finding safe drinking water along the route. As a brand that makes strong bonds with families and communities, Clogard came up with a solution for drinking water issue by constructing three safe water dispensing facilities at Indikatupaana, Seetha gangula ambalama and Rathu ambalama, fulfilling the much-needed access to safe drinking water.

Clogard, the best toothpaste in Sri Lanka is known for its strong bonds with families and communities while it has become a household name for its primary ingredient Clove, which has been used for millennia as a home remedy for tooth ailments and fighting germs. A clove infused aromatic Breath Freshener was given to the pilgrims to fully refresh them on their journey. The significance of this breath freshener is that, it is made of Clove, cubed sugar and cardamom: a combination which freshens up the pilgrims during their journey.

Derrick Anthony General Manager – Marketing, Personal Care at Hemas Consumer said: “It is with great purpose and intent that we embarked on this project to create a plastic-free environment at Sri Paada, together with the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation. Sri Paada is one of the most sacred religious sites, where people from all around the world visit each year. Sri Paada and plastic pollution are much talked of topics, but given the high number of pilgrims visiting the site each year, unfortunately, there has not been an end to this serious problem. We believe the harm from the use of plastic on this location not only impacts the mountain’s eco system but also damages these maiden streams of four major rivers, the Kelani Ganga, Kalu Ganga, Walawe Ganga, and Mahaweli Ganga, before meandering through the country’s landmass, the four rivers which are the roots of life originate right here. Not only is Sri Paada one of the largest forest reserves, it also instils 295 upstream water-flows that turn out to form the four largest rivers”

The Sri Paada Wilderness Sanctuary is a biodiversity hotspot and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wilderness here is also considered to be ecologically important due to the range of forest types, geographical diversity and the wealth of fauna and flora it has. All of these are integral aspects of Sri Lankan heritage and the very roots of Sri Lankan life.

Clogard, as a truly Sri Lankan brand, felt that protecting Sri Paada which is one of the most sacred sites in the country was not just an initiative worth getting involved with but that it was their duty to do so. Sri Paada was chosen as it is a quintessential part of Sri Lanka’s history spanning millennia and it is a place that truly strengthens the bonds with families and communities. With these initiatives, the brand further enhanced its core values of Strong Bonds and Strong Roots. Clogard is not just a mere oral care brand, but a part of the Sri Lankan families which have their roots engraved in ancient Sri Lankan culture and tradition.

Since its introduction in 1992, Clogard has transformed to be a total oral care solution, protecting the entire family against cavities. It is the first brand to be endorsed by Sri Lanka Standards institution and also endorsed by the Sri Lanka Dental Association.


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Purified water dispensers were placed in three prominent locations along the trail
Clogard engaging with the community at Sri Paada



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