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Scybers and Cyber Leadership Institute Partner to Develop the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Leaders

Scybers, a leading cybersecurity firm, today announced a partnership with the Cyber Leadership Institute (CLI), a global leadership training organization focused on developing visionary cybersecurity leaders. The partnership will combine Scybers’ expertise in cybersecurity with CLI’s leadership development programs to create a comprehensive training and mentorship program for the next generation of cyber leaders.

“The demand for cybersecurity professionals is at an all-time high, and the skills gap is only getting wider,” said Kugan Kulothungan, CEO of Scybers. “This partnership with CLI is a critical step in our mission to help organizations build a more secure future. By combining our expertise, we can develop the next generation of cyber leaders who have the skills and experience to protect our organizations from the ever-evolving threat landscape.”

The CLI’s leadership development programs are designed to help cybersecurity professionals and business executives develop the skills and knowledge they need to confidently and cost-effectively accelerate their organizations toward cyber resilience. The programs cover a wide range of topics, including cyber strategy execution, governance, stakeholder management, board communication, crisis management, and leadership. The CLI is underpinned by the Cyber Leadership Hub, a subscription online repository of high-quality CISO playbooks, templates, guides, and other enablers.

“We are excited to partner with Scybers to provide our participants with the most comprehensive cybersecurity leadership programs,” said Phil Zongo, CEO of the Cyber Leadership Institute. “Scybers is a leader in the cybersecurity industry, and their mentoring, combined with our world-class leadership training will cyber leaders globally with skills and tools to accelerate cyber transformation and realise their full leadership potential.

The partnership between Scybers and CLI will bring cyber and business leaders a comprehensive curriculum that covers key aspects of leading cybersecurity, expert instruction from leading cybersecurity professionals, real-world experience through mentorship programs and a network of contacts in the cybersecurity industry.

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About Cyber Leadership Institute

The Cyber Leadership Institute (CLI) provides premium leadership training and coaching programs, empowering CISOs, and business executives with key skills to accelerate the development of high-impact and cost-effective cyber resilience strategies. Through its intensive online Cyber Leadership Program, the CLI has equipped CISOs from dozens of countries with practical strategy design, influencing, governance, board reporting and leadership skills. The CLI is creating a global tribe of CISOs that actively collaborate on strategic matters, help solve common problems and share tools.

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About Scybers

Scybers is a fast-growing global cybersecurity firm that provides end-to-end advisory-led managed security services to global enterprises. The company’s advanced AI-assisted security platforms enable enterprises to rapidly reduce cyber risks, achieve compliance, and build resilience, ensuring secure digital operations in today’s evolving threat landscape.

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