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The future of Sri Lanka shines brighter, and it’s powered by women

Hatch together with the Singapore Sri Lanka Business Association, supported by USAID Catalyze and Sri Lankan Airlines, showcased the innovative ventures of five remarkable Sri Lankan women in Singapore.

In a world where only 2% of venture capital funding finds its way to female-founded businesses, this event brought hope, opportunity, and recognition to this group of dynamic female entrepreneurs from Sri Lanka.

The event was not just about pitching ideas; it was a platform for empowering change. With renowned judges, including the world’s first Sri Lankan Michelin-starred Chef Rishi Naleendra, and seasoned investors like Dominic Schacher, Ailynn Seah, and Cameron Richards, the stage was set for a transformative experience.

Each entrepreneur captivated the audience with their unique offerings and inspiring stories. One investor made an instant offer to one of the founders for her compelling presentation, reflecting the potential these ventures hold.

Let’s take a closer look at the finalists:

Lak Nature, founded by Lakmini Weerakkody, is a testament to sustainability and community empowerment. Offering a range of 100% natural, vegan, and preservative-free food products, Lak Nature not only caters to health-conscious consumers but also supports small-scale women farmers, fostering positive social impact.

Miris by IslandMom, the brainchild of Shivani A. Tyronne, celebrates the rich flavors of Sri Lankan chillies. With its exquisite range of hot sauces and chilli jams, Miris by IslandMom delights taste buds while championing natural ingredients and authentic culinary experiences.

Nevindaree Premarathne’s founder of Makers Global is revolutionizing STEM education for children. Through engaging DIY kits and resources, Makers Global nurtures the next generation of innovators, making learning fun and accessible.

Achinthya Neligama’s journey with Wellness Cultz stems from her own gluten intolerance. Specializing in gluten-free baking ingredients, Wellness Cultz caters to a growing market, offering quality products and personalized service.

True By Tina is pioneering eco-friendly baby care in Sri Lanka. Tina Lobo’s innovative silicone tableware and teethers not only promote sustainability but also forge partnerships with hospitals, creating a positive impact and strategic business alliances.

Two common threads run through these founders: Firstly, they are all women, and secondly, it      is that each of these businesses carries a profound sense of purpose. They are all striving to make a direct impact on Sri Lanka.

From engaging smallholder farmer communities to offering skills and employment opportunities for women, these businesses serve as catalysts for transformation. Together, the founders are actively addressing critical issues such as poverty, hunger, and income inequality, while advocating for regenerative farming practices and empowering women in agriculture.

These entrepreneurs not only presented compelling business models but also highlighted the transformative power of diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship. Their success stories serve as hope, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and make a difference in the world.

As we celebrate these trailblazing women and their ventures, let us remember that investing in diversity isn’t just good for individuals and communities; it’s a catalyst for economic growth and innovation, enriching markets, and societies alike.

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left to right: Nevindaree Premarathne, Shivani A. Tyronne, Achinthya Neligama, Lakmini Weerakkody, Tina Lobo, High Commissioner-Designate of Sri Lanka to Singapore Senarath Dissanayaka, Sharlyn Perera-Stafford, Ailynn Seah, Rishi Naleendra, Lakshanthi Fernando & Cameron Richards.



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