Sajeev Rajaputhra, continuing a legacy of philanthropy

Sajeev Rajaputhra, the President and Chief Executive Officer of SAS3 Trading Company, is also a singer, an actor, a director, a student of Kung Fu and an avid philanthropist. He experienced philanthropy first-hand at an early age, as he observed his father, Mr. Kshasthriya Rajaputhra Weerasinghe, do his utmost to give back to society.

Mr. Weerasinghe came from humble beginnings and understood the needs of communities from a very young age. Mr. Weerasinghe built a computer centre in Mawathagama, to the school that he attended as a young boy, and a 3-story maternity hospital for new-mothers. He has also done a significant amount of construction and renovation work with Buddhist Temples. He was involved in the reconstruction of the Buddha Statue at the Wariyapola Temple and was involved in the construction and renovation of many other Buddhist monuments and statues. One of his most prominent projects was being the main donor of the magnificent Buddha Statue atop Athugala in Kurunegala. He was also the sole creator of the 1000 day ‘Dolos Mahe Piritha’, which took place at Ruwanwelisaya and Sri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura and beyond that he was heavily involved in other charitable work as well.

Today, Sajeev continues his father’s legacy of philanthropy. He is the founder and President of the Student Charity Foundation at the Temple University in Japan, which hosted multiple charity projects and events. The Foundation has members from multiple campuses from all over the world and was instrumental in raising funds to help displaced families post the tsunami. He is also the International Director of the Sri Lanka Automobile Association of Japan, which also assists Sri Lanka with financial aid and relief in times of need. Recently the association donated over Rs. 1 million worth of equipment to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital in Colombo.

Being in a variety of markets around the world has provided him great exposure to many who are in need. However, Sajeev focuses predominantly on giving back to Sri Lanka, as he feels there is a lot he can do for the people of his beloved motherland. He believes that Sri Lanka does not have enough role models, and as a father of 5, and an owner of numerous businesses around the world, Sajeev uses his success to motivate and inspire people and show them that there are no boundaries to life and that they have the potential to achieve greater heights and success in society, in business and other aspects.

Currently, Sajeev is in the process of setting up the Rajaputhra Foundation, which is specifically being built to provide relief for people in dire need and to empower and encourage those who are struggling to expand on the means they already have and equip them for success. Sajeev believes that small and medium businesses are the backbone of any country and through the Rajaputhra Foundation he aims to inspire and empower individuals to start businesses and assist people in being successful and financially stable.

Sajeev has a vast following on social media platforms and frequently posts motivational videos to inspire and encourage them. In order to ensure that his family’s philanthropical legacy continues in the years to come, Sajeev encourages his children to identify families who need help and support them. It is his way of instilling a framework of charity and philanthropy in his children, so that they build their own philanthropical legacies in the future.




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