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Hayleys Fentons Launches “Roots of Resilience” Programme to Restore Bolgoda River’s Mangroves

Sri Lanka’s commitment to mangrove conservation is a strong backdrop for Hayleys Fentons’ “Roots of Resilience” programme.

Hayleys Fentons Limited celebrated the inauguration of the “Roots of Resilience” biodiversity conservation programme. The project began with the signing of the MoU on November 7, 2023. This significant endeavour was carried out in collaboration with the Government of Sri Lanka and the Department of Coast Conservation and Coastal Resource Management (CCCRMD).

The “Roots of Resilience” biodiversity conservation programme aims to reinstate the vital mangrove ecosystem in the Bolgoda River. This river, a valuable natural treasure, was selected due to its ecological importance and the environmental threats it faces. The project witnessed the planting of 1,000 mangrove saplings on the banks of the river, an initial step towards the project’s long-term goal of enriching biodiversity and supporting local communities.

“Mangroves are highly productive but extremely vulnerable ecosystems found in the intertidal zone of coastal environments, including lagoons. In Sri Lanka’s Coastal Zone and Coastal Resources Management Plan (CZ&CRMP), mangroves are listed as one of the most important coastal habitats. Hayleys Fentons Limited’s “Roots of Resilience” is closely aligned with the country’s goals for mangrove protection and restoration, as replanting schemes are one of the CZ&CRMP’s core actions. Mangroves act as large filters, removing pollutants, excess nutrients, and sediment from inland municipal and industrial wastewater as well as stormwater runoff. The planting of 1000 mangrove saplings will have a major positive impact on the function of the habitat,” stated Eng. R.A.S. Ranawaka, Director General of CCCRMD.

“As this initiative also combats climate change effects on the habitat, it will improve ecosystem services, providing additional benefits to local fishermen communities through increased natural production. Community participation, public awareness, and close monitoring of progress are critical for the success and sustainability of the project’s five-year plan.”

Expressing his views, Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons Limited, highlighted the initiative’s dual purpose. “By undertaking this initiative, we wish to take meaningful action to benefit our valuable local environment while contributing to the global effort in preserving biodiversity and combating climate change, leaving a positive impact for the future generation.”

Sujith De Alwis, CEO of Hayleys Fentons Limited, emphasised the company’s consistent dedication to environmental stewardship, saying, “We understand the critical role that biodiversity conservation plays in ensuring the sustainability of our planet. Fully aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the “Roots of Resilience” initiative has a wide-ranging effect. Through mangrove replanting, it is anticipated to counteract climate change by removing 5.9 tonnes of atmospheric carbon per year. Furthermore, within two years, the preserved and regenerated mangrove ecosystems will support regional fisheries, promoting a robust ecosystem.”

Pamudith Gunawardana, Director Finance and the custodian of ESG efforts at Hayleys Fentons Limited, commented, “This endeavour is a critical step towards enhancing biodiversity conservation and contributing to ecosystem restoration. Specifically, the project’s first phase is designated for the banks of the Bolgoda River. We aim to create a resilient environment that benefits both nature and communities.”

Nisal Liyanage, Assistant General Manager, Compliance & ESG at Hayleys Fentons Limited, who led the project, explained that every plant in the programme has a QR code system. This system allows for biannual data gathering, guaranteeing that every plant’s progress is carefully recorded. Within this monitoring framework, the team will work with the CCCRMD to review the project’s progress, resolve any issues, and improve its future strategy for mangrove conservation projects.

The programme aligns with the long-term protection and preservation of biodiversity pledged by Hayleys Fentons Limited and parent company Hayleys PLC through its ESG roadmap, the Hayleys Lifecode.

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