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The Event Management Association: Enhancing Professional Standards and Setting Industry Benchmarks

The Event Management Association (EMA), the only professional industry body in Sri Lanka for event management, with a membership of over 50, sheds light on the often unseen, yet crucial role that professional event managers play in creating and delivering successful events and fostering a thriving industry within the country and the region. They aim to raise awareness among corporates and individuals about the significant benefits they stand to gain when working with a member, endorsed by EMA.

At their AGM held on the 30th of January 2024, the following office bearers were appointed by the EMA to drive these objectives. President – Nisal Caldera, Vice President – Kamesh Malwana, Vice President – Sajith Kodikara, Secretary – Saliya Weerasekara, Treasurer – Gayan Attanayake, Assistant Secretary – Uzmaan Ghouse, Assistant Treasurer – Azmath Jahn. Committee Members; Kapila Pieris, Bhathiya Jayakody, Miikke Abaysinghe, Janice Hakel Ranasinghe, Charm Dias, Mahesh Primithilal, Kosala Sureshchandra, Romesh Fernando. Further, Gerry Jayasinghe, Roshan Wijeratne, and Nishan Wasalathantri were appointed as Advisory Council Members of the association.   

Saliya Weerasekara, Secretary of the EMA, commented that “Choosing EMA-affiliated professionals isn’t just about achieving a successful event. It’s about choosing a partner who upholds industry standards and ethics, continuously drives innovation, demonstrates professionalism, and ultimately, strengthens the event management sector that plays a pivotal role in our national economy.” 

From electrifying concerts to intimate weddings, and flawless corporate events to engaging conferences, events touch every aspect of our lives. However, their success depends on skilled professionals who are abreast of the novel event concepts and technicalities and are geared to concomitantly manage seamless execution, meticulous coordination, intricate logistics, and complex regulations, and handle diverse audience expectations. Professional event managers possess the expertise and resources to ensure your event surpasses expectations, delivering on its objectives and leaving a lasting impact. 

Joining the EMA allows a member access to a powerful network of skilled professionals, dedicated to upholding industry standards and ethical practices. Partnering with the EMA members grants you access to several guaranteed benefits. Rigorous qualification processes ensure EMA members possess extensive experience, proven industry certifications, and an unwavering commitment to continuous learning. You gain access to a vast network of diverse professionals, allowing you to leverage their collective expertise and unique resources to make your event a resounding success. The EMA members adhere to a strict code of ethics, prioritizing transparency, integrity, and responsible business practices. Your support contributes to initiatives that elevate the industry’s professionalism and standards, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.  

The EMA encourages anyone planning an event, regardless of size or scope, to consider partnering with qualified professionals represented by the association. By prioritizing excellence, you ensure a memorable event, contribute to a thriving industry, and unlock the true potential of your event’s impact.

For more information or to connect with EMA-affiliated professionals, please contact the association at [email protected]

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(From Left to Right) Janice Hakel Ranasinghe, R.Abaysinghe, Kosala Sureshchandra, Bathiya Jayakody, Uzmaan Ghouse (Asst. Secretary), Saliya Weerasekara (Secretary), Kamesh Malwana (Vice President), Nisal Caldera (President), Gerry Jayasinghe (Advisory Council Member), Nishan Wasalathanthri (Advisory Council Member), Gayan Attanayake (Treasurer), Azmath Jahn (Asst. Treasurer), Mahesh Primithilal, Romesh Fernando, Charmanie De Silva.

Absent: Sajith Kodikara (Vice President), Kapila Pieris, Roshan Wijeyaratne (Advisory Council Member)




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